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Solar Power Installation

Inland Solar can assist you with Tamworth solar power installations for commercial and residential properties. There are two main connection types - grid connect power and standalone power.

Grid connect power pulls energy from a series of solar panels to power your home. Any unused power is fed into the grid, which can then be converted to savings on your energy bill.

Stand-alone power systems consist of panels, an inverter, battery packs and generator back- ups. A stand-alone system provides you with enough power to suit your home and to be completely self-sufficient.
Both grid connect and stand-alone systems can be installed together to give you the benefits of your own power as well as getting a refund for the power you put into the grid. If you have any questions about the type of system that would work best for you, please feel free to contact Inland Solar to discuss your options.



Solar Battery Storage – Max Fox Electrical in Tamworth, NSW
Battery Storage Systems, Hybrid Systems, Solar Batteries, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are all terms used to describe a range of battery products you can buy for your home. They are designed to give you a level of energy independence and control that solar alone cannot provide. Grid connected battery storage products do vary a lot, and it is very much a horses for courses scenario, with many factors dictating which one is right for you. There are many options available now including off grid capability to supply the home power during a blackout. This is an ever evolving sector with new release products hitting the market daily. If you would like the latest information and current pricing then please contact us at the shop and one of our staff will be happy to give a run down on the latest advances.

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Grid Connected Solar Panels On Roof – Solar Power Installation Tamworth, NSW
The majority of Australian homes receive their power from the state electricity grid, made up of power lines, substations and transformers and maintained by local electricity suppliers. A grid connect solar system uses solar panels to collect energy from the sun. This energy is fed through an inverter, converted from DC to AC power to use in your home and any surplus passes into the grid. The surplus energy the makes its way into the grid is measured and provides a refund on your energy bill.

If you are interested in converting to a grid connect solar power system, speak to Inland Solar in Tamworth. We can plan, supply and install a system to provide sufficient power for your home.


Off grid solar panels – Solar Power Installation Tamworth, NSW
An off-grid solar system is also known as a stand-alone solar system. These systems are suitable for rural areas where there is no power, or where mains power connections are not viable. Once installed, an off-grid solar power system can begin to pay for itself almost straight away.

How a Stand-Alone Solar System Works:
Stand-alone power uses a number of basic components:

  1. Power Generator - The panels which collect the energy from the sun
  2. Power Back-up - There may be times when the amount of sun is insufficient to power everything you need. A back-up generator (either petrol or diesel) can be used.
  3. Control Equipment - To operate a stand alone system requires control equipment, such as inverters to convert the power from DC to AC, regulation equipment to limit the flow of power, as well as standard meters and controllers so you know how much power is being generated.
  4. Batteries - Stand-alone power systems use numerous deep cycle batteries in conjunction with each other to give you a power storage facility.
  5. Wiring - All stand-alone systems are installed with a heavier, thicker wire to keep voltage fluctuations and energy loss to a minimum.
  6. Home Design - The design and number of appliances in your home can dictate the amount of energy you need and therefore the size of the system you require.

Inland Solar can consult with you on the design and requirements of your home to assess what size system you require.


Solar pumping panels – Solar Hot Water Pumping, NSW
Solar pumping systems have replaced windmills for many rural customers. While a windmill only pumps when it is windy, and only as much as the wind can produce, a solar power system is set-up to pump continually during sunlight hours. A solar pump also delivers a more efficient and dependable water flow.

How does a solar pump work?

Just like a solar panel for the home, the sun is collected through a solar cell. This electricity is collected by the wiring in the module, then supplied to the DC pump controller and motor. The motor then pumps water whenever the sun is shining and even in low-light. When it is cloudy the pump will slow down but because it has no minimum speed (unlike a centrifugal pump), it will keep delivering water.

Pump And Panel Life

Weather Resistance Solar panels are far more cyclone resistant than windmills. During storms a tracking array assumes the angle of least resistance to the wind. The toughened glass panels are famous for their resistance to hail.

Both the pumps and panels have a lifespan extending over decades. The first installations from the manufacturer are still going strong over 10 years later and their owners expect many more years of reliable pumping power. And with a warranty of 25 years on the panels you should expect to see it continue to pump 'til then.

Storing Energy
The simplest way to store solar energy is to use gravity by pumping water into elevated tanks.

Budgeting For Solar
A solar pumping system costs about the same as a windmill. Your solar powered pump will quickly pay for itself in savings on diesel, petrol or electricity.

Water Level Protection
Like any electric pump, your solar pump can be controlled with pressure and/or float switches. A connector on the control box makes it easy to protect against dry bores or full water storage.

Tracking Arrays


Tracking Arrays
Your solar pump system can be installed with either a fixed panel solar system (which will provide you with a good amount of sun during the day) or a tracking array system. A tracking array system will follow the sun until it sets in the west, then at night it will return to the east to set itself right for the morning.

These systems are more efficient as they are getting direct sunlight pretty much all day, where as the fixed array may get partial solar gain in some parts of the day and extensive gain in other parts of the day.

Solar products

Solar Panels In Field – Solar Power Installation Tamworth, NSW
At Inland Solar, we use quality products from renowned manufacturers. As the longest-running solar power company in Tamworth, we have extensive experience and knowledge of these products. Our accredited solar power installers can help you select the right system to suit your needs, whether for your home, farm or commercial property. Inland Solar are also warranty agents for the majority of these brands.

Solar Panels

Suntech - One of the world's largest manufacturers with a long history of research and development leading to multiple awards for cell efficiency. This along with back-up service right here in Australia has made Suntech Australia's favourite panel.
CNPV - We currently use these premium panels for all our 12v small area modules. Well known for their research and development, which has led to a strong reputation for reliability and yield.

Solawatt - Solawatt camping kits range between 80-200w and come complete with tilt legs, regulator, Anderson plugs, alligator clips and carry case.


SMA - The undisputed king of inverter manufacturing! The German SMA inverter is the worldwide leader of inverter technology and manufacturing. Highly efficient, these inverters cater for everything from the smallest installation to the largest commercial jobs.

Delta Energy Systems - Delta inverters have really started to take off in Australia thanks to the reliability of their no-fuss transformer type inverter. With an industry leading 10-year warranty they have become so popular we started using them in our own installations rather than as just a replacement inverter.

Enphase - Micro inverters have also become quite popular over the last few years. These American inverters are great for locations with shading issues and offer easy monitoring solutions for the solar power system.

Latronics - The LS range of inverters are 100% Aussie made and have a huge range between 500w up to 7Kw. Great product and great knowing you have back-up service available here in Australia.

Solar Water Pumps

Franklin Electric - Franklin Electric produce a SubDrive SolarPAK solar pump that provides significant water output, meaning faster fill times for your tank.

Lorentz - These German-engineered solar pumps offer efficiency, durability and superior quality. These pumps are perfectly suited to rural pumping applications.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Rheem - We use both Hiline® and Loline® solar hot water systems from Rheem, who have many years of history in the Australian marketplace. Our staff can help you determine whether hi-line or lo-line systems are more suitable for your home.

Portable Solar Power Boxes

Inland Solar have portable power boxes available in a range of sizes. These boxes cater for short camping trips through to weekenders. These portable power solutions give you both 12v and 240v output options and charging capabilities from solar panels, alternator or 240v. Built into these rugged outdoor cases are batteries, chargers and inverters. We can also custom build to individual user requirements.